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This formula, intended to regulate yin and yang energy in the Kidneys, this formula was made from centuries-old recipes that our ancestors once used ​to support normal sexual energy, maintaining Kidney health and blood flow in order to enhance desire.* NON GMO | VEGAN | GLUTEN | SOY | DAIRY + SUGAR FREE

Ingredients: Organic Garcinia kola, Ginger Root, Daucus carota, Cacao powder, whole-fruit Banana, Syzygium aromaticum, and Aframomum melegueta🌿🌿🌿 

How to Use: Take (approx. 1 tsp) mixed in 200ml of smoothie, hot water as a tea, three times daily after a meal, or as recommended by a wellness advisor.  


This formula is made with a revitalizing blend of herbs that help the body adapt to stress and support healthy energy levels. Cazo Vitality may support healthy libido and sexual function, and maintain energy levels.*

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