Xylopia aethiopica

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Xylopia aethiopica or Grains of Selim

Botanical Name
  • Xylopia aethiopica*
  • Benefits
  • Prevents coughs
  • Stops stomaches and bloating
  • Traditionally used to treat hemorrrhoids 
  • Traditionally used to treat uterine fibroid
  • Anti-inflammaory and antioxidant properties
  • Find This Ingredient In
  • Daily Digestive Relief - Gut Support *
  • Respiratory Support - Soothes the brochial tract & respiratory function *
  • Source Sustainably harvested powder from Togo & Ghana, West Africa.
    Holistic Approach Grains of Selim are an aromatic spice with a robust, sweet and slightly peppery flavor commonly used in traditional African medicine to manage boils, sores, wounds.

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