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Theobroma cacao

Theobroma cacao

Botanical Name
Theobroma cacao*
Origin (Source from)
Togo, West Africa.
- May reduce cataracts - Rich in magnesium 
- May reduce and regulate PMS symptoms
What it is
Theobroma cacao is a magnificent tree that grows in the tropical zone, from Central and South America through Africa and Indonesia, up to 600 meters above sea level. This large, podded fruit might be red, yellow, green, or a combination of the three colors. The pulp is white and delicious, and it surrounds 20-60 seeds, which when fermented and roasted produce commercial cocoa beans.
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What is the difference?  Both cacao and cocoa powders are made from the dried seed of the Theobroma cacao fruit. They might look the same, but they are quite different.  Cocoa powder is made from beans roasted at high temperatures.  Raw cacao powder is made by cold-pressing unroasted beans, which preserves the nutritional benefits.
About Cacao Powder Uses
Fresh pulp is occasionally consumed. The seeds are extracted from the pods, fermented for 2-8 days, and then dried in the sun. They are then roasted and processed for use as cocoa. Cocoa butter is a fat derived from the seeds that has a number of cosmetic and nutritional applications. Cacao beans were originally a kind of currency.
Seeds of Cacao Tree Theobroma Cacao L. Family Sterculiaceae
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