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Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Botanical Name

Ginger Root*


Origin (Source from)

 Togo, West Africa.



- Reduces Inflammation    - Stimulates digestion

- Reduces menstrual pains - Antibacterial properties


What it is: 

Ginger, botanically classified as Zingiber officinale, is the underground rhizome or root stem of a tropical herb that can grow up to one meter in height above ground and belongs to the Zingiberaceae family along with cardamom and turmeric.

Ginger is prevalent in tropical climes all throughout the world, and the rhizome has a unique growth pattern of flowing horizontally underground, creating new roots and stems to perpetuate the perennial plant.


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About Ginger Root Uses: 

Ginger root has been grown all over the world in warm climates and has been widely used for its scent, flavor, and medicinal benefits. Ginger roots is a well-known herb with powerful medicinal powers used on the African Continent. This medicinal plant offers several health advantages, including decreasing blood pressure and fevers, as well as calming coughs and healing infections. Relieving pain through its anti-inflammatory actions, blood-dispersing actions, and by relieving pain caused by coldness. It can also relieve the cramping pain experienced with diarrhea or with menstrual cramps. 

Is Ginger Good For You?

Based on the benefits listed above and research backed by science, I would say YES, ginger is very good for you.  It's a tasty, spicy root that may be found whole or ground. It will considerably improve your health if you incorporate it into your meals, smoothies, or tea. What do you think are some other health benefits of ginger?



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