WHAT ARE ADAPTOGENS? What Do They Do To Our Body, Mind + Spirit?

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Adaptogens not only improve our stress response, but they also increase our mood, energy levels, and immunological function. These defensive compounds can assist us in naturally managing stress and finding balance, thereby improving our overall health and wellness. Furthermore, they are an excellent method to boost the nutritional value of your already healthy juices, smoothies, and bowls!

If you were to ask a few herbalists what their favorite categorization of herbs is, I'm sure you'd hear the term "adaptogens" used more than once. The reason this type of herb is so popular can be summed up in one word: stress.

What if instead you had a resource that, over time, could help your body better adapt to stress, and respond more appropriately? Reserve the cavalry for when the tiger is real, and rely on other responses when that deadline approaches?


This is where adaptogens come in. The term “adaptogen” defines herbs that help “protect the body against physical, mental, and emotional stress by strengthening the immune system” (Medicinal Herbs 61). Given the prevalence of stress in our modern society, you can see why adaptogenic herbs are so favored.


If the description of "adaptogen" seems a bit hazy to you, that's because it doesn't refer to a specific plant family, but rather to a set of behaviors that a plant may do that result in bodily strengthening and a healthy stress response. It is crucial to remember, however, that adaptogens can function in a variety of ways. So studying a few adaptogenic herbs to understand their distinct properties may be beneficial.


Ashwagandha is adaptogen royalty in my opinion. Ashwagandha is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has been used for hundreds of years to help us adjust to life's stresses. Ashwagandha is a multifaceted herb that, in addition to stimulating the body, has a relaxing effect, as emphasized by the Latin species name somnifera, which means 'to promote sleep.' 1 When stress strikes, Ashwagandha is like a giant embrace - strengthening and soothing!*


If Ashwagandha is known for its ability to fortify and soothe, Rhodiola is known for energizing and boosting. It has long been used as an adaptogen to improve strength and endurance, and modern herbalists commonly recommend Rhodiola to "fight weariness caused by stress and enhance work performance by enhancing attention span and concentration." *1

Holy Basil

Adaptogens It's a term we've heard a lot recently, but what exactly does it mean? What does this have to do with smoothies and juice? If any of these questions seem familiar (or even if they don't), you're in for a real treat! Join me over the next three months as we delve into the world of adaptogens in this informative blog series.

You've probably heard of Holy Basil, often known as Tulsi. Holy Basil, like Ashwagandha, is a classic ayurvedic herb cherished for years for its mild soothing assistance. While it is commonly used as a tea, it may also be found in stress-relief preparations that combine the advantages of many adaptogenic herbs.

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